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If you’re new to the construction business or you’re just interested in the field, then you probably don’t know how your building materials are made or even how you install them into a house. I created this site to give you some simple, basic knowledge and instruction on different materials, like pipes, wiring, wood, sheetrock, cement, and more. The facts and instructions should satisfy your curiosity and give you enough knowledge to start constructing.


image of construction material

Construction companies are also responsible for wiring the entire house and installing other electronic devices, like heaters, ovens, stoves, and hookups for washers, dryers, dishwashers, and refrigerators. The electrical wiring uses copper conductors insulated by a plastic sheath. These wires have to be safely installed alongside pipes, gas lines, and other hookups inside the house, exposed accordingly to connect to outlets, light-fixtures, and other appliances. Faulty wiring could cause wires, so this is a very delicate procedure.

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image of construction material

Pipes are made by casting and welding metals into tube-like shapes. Most pipe-makers use copper, brass, steel, cast-iron, plastic, or a combination of these materials in order to make them. In addition to the “pipe” pieces, pipe-makers have to create valves, which can open and shut parts of the pipe. They also have to make elbows to change the direction of the pipe; tees to allow for pipes to intersect; and unions to merge pipes and pipe pieces together.


image of construction materials

Construction companies use a lot of different materials for basic surfacing. Plywood, concrete, and sheetrock are the most major materials. Companies create all of these materials naturally, using hardy woods for plywood, small rocks, and ash-based cement for concrete, and gypsum plaster in sheetrock. All of these materials need to be strong, otherwise they’re not worth implementing in construction. These materials support the weight of a structure, so if they’re not strong, they could cause a very serious safety hazard.